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Anger Management
Domestic Violence
Co-Parenting, High Conflict Parenting
Anti-Theft, Anti-Gang
Substance Abuse Counseling & Education
Child Abuse Counseling & Education
Batterer’s Intervention 

Daytime, Evening, Weekend Classes Available

Accelerated Classes Available, earn up to

12 hours in one weekend

              DAZ Foundation’s Court Ordered Classes:


  • Group or individual 1-1 class available
  • Accelerated Weekend class, up to 12 hours of classes in one weekend (Saturday and Sunday, 9-5)
  • 6-week, 12-week, 24-week or 52-week course provided, depending on what is required by the court   
  • Daytime or Evening classes available, up to 9 pm
  • Certified, Master’s level facilitators for all classes
  • Certificate of Completion provided, upon completion of course and full payment
  • Letter of Enrollment provided for the #of classes for which participant has paid in full
  • No Enrollment Fees, No Assessment Fees, No Book Fees
  • Intake/Orientation is First Class
  • Multiple Locations: West Los Angeles and Torrance
  • We use only Evidence Based Practice for all classes
  • Cost: $50 per 1.5 hour class
  • Discounts Available
  • FREE class session with Coupon
  • Discounted Fees for DCFS, Probation, Parole and DMH referred, Unemployed, Students 21 and under
  • Special Circumstances Rate: Talk to Therapist.  We turn no one away.
  • We accept most major insurance plans and Victims of Crime
  • We have applied for Medicare and Medi-Cal and will notify you when we are approved.
  • Cash, Check or Credit/Debit Cards accepted
  • 24 hour cancellation policy

Anger Management Classes

Anger does not have to negatively impact your relationships or career.
With anger management classes, you can learn:

  • How to deal with your anger to improve the quality of your life and your relationships with others
  • Relaxation techniques and stress reduction techniques, such as mindfulness based stress reduction
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution skills
  • How to identify the sources of your anger
  • Healthy coping skills
  • How to identify the sources of your anger

Domestic Violence for Men and Women

  • Separate classes for men and women
  • We use the Evidence Based program called, The Deluth Model
  • Groups are a safe place to talk about feelings with others and find solutions
  • Learn about the cycle of violence
  • Learn strategies in response to DV
  • Learn about the causes of DV

Batterer’s Intervention Program
for Men or Women who use Violence
 (This is a 2-hour, once a week class).

  • Identification of controlling behaviors, education and rehabilitation are paramount in our group sessions
  • Groups are culturally sensitive and gender specific. Separate men and women’s groups
  • Our classes are structured group discussions which include movies, power point presentations, counseling, and interactive activities led by a certified, Master’s level facilitator
  • We use the Evidence Based program called, The Deluth Model: Creating a process of change for batterers
  • We offer a DV risk assessment
  • We provide Probation Officers/DCFS workers with Quarterly Reports as required
  • We follow all Department of Probation guidelines and requirements
  • Topics covered include: nonviolence and nonthreatening behaviors, respect, trust and support, honesty and accountability, responsible parenting, shared responsibility, economic partnership, sexual respect, negotiating and fairness.

Parenting Classes

  • We use an Evidence Based Program called, Nurturing Parenting
  • We individualize the class to address the age and developmental level of your child or children
  • The Nurturing Parenting curriculum covers parenting the newborn through parenting your teenager
  • Learn effective communication skills
  • Learn about the new brain research and how you can use it to improve your relationship with your child
  • Learn about the importance of attachment and how to create a secure attachment with your child
  • Learn what your child’s behaviors mean
  • Learn how to build healthy self-esteem
  • Learn how to teach your child self-control
  • Learn how to reduce stress in your family
  • Learn how to resolve family conflicts




Co-Parenting Classes or High Conflict Parenting Classes
In high conflict divorce cases with parental alienation, the court often orders parents to take a co-parenting class or a high conflict parenting class. Participation in these classes give the judge, as well as all family professionals involved, confidence that the parents are able to support their children effectively in the transition through divorce. Our co-parenting and high conflict parenting classes:

  • Use an Evidence Based program called, Children in the Middle
  • Help parents learn how to reduce their conflict
  • Help parents learn how NOT to put their child in the middle of their conflict
  • Help parents focus on the child’s feelings about what is happening in their family
  • Help parents deal with their child’s loyalty conflicts
  • Help parents learn effective communication skills
  • Help parents to address their feelings of grief and loss
  • Help parents learn co-parenting strategies or parallel parenting strategies

DAZ Foundation

DAZ Foundation
Locations: Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista, Mar Vista, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Cerritos, Lakewood, Inglewood
Phone:   (424) 239-6472
Website: http://www.DAZFoundation.com

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